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Hello there ~

My Name Is Roee Ben Yehuda,

I'm a 27-Year-Old Designer from planet earth. 

Currently a student at Shenkar College

Former student at Design Academy Eindhoven. 

As a creator I’ve always found myself fascinated by

crafts and admiring skillful manual manufacturing,

I’ve always had respect for knowledge that was passed on
by older generations and the traditions it held within.

At the same time, I believe my work should be

cheerful, quirky, even funny, communicate at eye

level and create an inviting atmosphere.

In my work I incorporate natural materials that

carefully blend together in synergy, using advanced

technologies and traditional crafts alike. Fabricating

decorative as well as functional objects that merge

tradition and contemporary design.

Relevant Publications




今は、『シェンカル』 大学の大学生です。




  • Slow Food - Museum of Philistine Culture, Ashdod, IL, May 2023 

  • Un Avenir Contemporian - Paris Design Week Factory, Paris, FR - September 2022

  • Present Future - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, IL - 2021

  • Alchemy - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, IL - 2021

  • Coffee: East and West - Museum of Islamic art, Jerusalem, IL - 2021

  • Student Exhibition - Glass Museum, Leerdam, NL - 2021

  • Student Exhibition - Atelier NL, Eindhoven, NL - 2020

  • "Take your time" - Cor Unum Ceramics, Den Bosch, NL - 2020

  • Dutch Design Week - "Spooning" - Online, 2020

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