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Roee Ben Yehuda - photo by Akim Zerouali.jpg

Hello there 

My Name Is Roee Ben Yehuda,

I'm a 29-Year-Old Designer from planet earth. 

Former student at Design Academy Eindhoven and Shenkar College

I have always had a deep passion for design, which I see not just as a profession but as an integral part of my life. This passion extends to every aspect of my being, since my early days as a graffiti writer, and it has led me to explore various forms of artistic expression, including photography, graphic design, ceramics, and product design.

During the years I’ve always found myself fascinated by crafts and admiring skillful manual manufacturing. I’ve always had respect for knowledge that was passed on by older generations and the traditions it held within. At the same time, I believe my work should be cheerful, communicate at eye level and create an inviting atmosphere.
The cross roads of design and art, craftmenship and humor, experemtation and function is what captivated me for years studying and working in the design field.

lastly, I believe the rise of mass production has had a profound impact on the way we produce and consume material objects. Many of the objects that surround
us tend to be more standardized, often lacking distinct character, individuality, and emotional significance, which in turn causes a culture of consumption and increased waste. Thus I favor working with natural materials like wood, clay, and leather. Materials that stood the test of time and are sustianable owing to their longevity and developing character. I truely belive sustainability is achieveable through emotional and sentimental value for the objects that surround us.






Relevant Publications


  • Slow Food - Museum of Philistine Culture, Ashdod, IL - 2023 

  • Un Avenir Contemporian - Paris Design Week, Paris, FR - 2022

  • K Fair 2022 - Student project represented by Covestro, Düsseldorf, GR 2022

  • Present Future - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, IL - 2021

  • Alchemy - Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, IL - 2021

  • Coffee: East and West - Museum of Islamic art, Jerusalem, IL - 2021

  • Een nieuwe Lente, een nieuwe vaas - National Glass Museum, Leerdam, NL - 2021*

  • Ceramic Minor Exhibition - Atelier NL, Eindhoven, NL - 2020

  • "Take your time" - Cor Unum Ceramics, Den Bosch, NL - 2020

  • Dutch Design Week - “Hand Held” - Online (covid-19), 2020

Photo By Akim Zerouali

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